Trip Reports And Links

Beedoo has spent considerable time collecting up links for your clicking pleasure.

If you have a trip report that you would like added to the collection please use the Contact page to submit the link(s) to your trip report.

If you have a link you would like to submit for consideration to be added to the collection, please use the Contact page to submit the link.

Links will be considered on the basis of merit.

Links MUST be related to Oahu.

Cut off date for trip reports is January 2008 *unless* Beedoo747 feels that the trip report is of high quality, well laid out with paragraphs, informative and worth taking the time to read.

Some of the trip reports linked to after 2008 unfortunately do not contain paragraphs.


Tips For A Great Trip Report

Please, to anyone reading this, if you are writing a trip report consider the following tips –

– Use paragraphs and punctuation

– Consider breaking the report into sections – perhaps days, with a clear heading. You can also try specific sections eg HOTEL – ACTIVITY NAME – RESTAURANT NAME

– Consider using a blog to post your trip report, especially if you want to have separate posts for each day. Free blogs can be easily set up just like this one on though there are other options too. You can also easily add photos to your trip report on a blog.

– On tripadvisor your words cannot be edited at a later time, the only thing you can do is delete your post. On a blog you always have complete editorial control.

– Consider that when posting your trip report on trip advisor, if you put the entire trip report in the first post, that whole thing has to be scrolled past on the subsequent pages of your thread. It may be better to put a short heading in the first post, perhaps containing some highlights of your trip, and then use followup posts in the same thread to post in the rest of your trip report.

– If you must post a separate thread for each day of your trip, make sure once you have finished posting all your days to go back and put links to *all* the days of your trip report into a summary post in each daily thread, so people can easily find the other days. It would be better to put all days in one thread, for future readers convenience.

– Remember that your trip report may be seen by hundreds, potentially thousands of people – and that people may read or refer back to them at a later time. As you see here, I have linked to trip reports dating back to 2008 – much of the information is still current or can be easily updated with a little research on the travellers part and these are excellent, enjoyable reads for people wanting to research travelling to Oahu.

– Your trip report will inspire others. It will be remembered. Your tips will be used by others. This includes any negative things you might say and you might want to keep that in mind when writing.

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