Waikiki eats 1 – Kimo Bean

Or: Must. Have. Coffee. (And breakfast :))

On Saturday morning, as we were heading to the KCC Farmers Market, Beedoo took us on a side trip on the way to the bus stop, heading past the Hilton Hawaiian Village to see where the Starbucks was located at.

Our intention was to get coffee there in the morning because it is something that is necessary to get the day off and running, even though at home I am not a big coffee drinker. As it turns out, we never actually got coffee there once, because of what happened on Sunday morning.

Since we had hired a car overnight, I had to return it (as the place was closed at night and they had no night drop box available) on Sunday morning. Before I left the condo, I mentioned to Beedoo that there was a coffee place that I had seen called Kimo Bean across the street while we were getting the car at Discovery Bay Center.

I took their orders and headed out, driving through Waikiki, ultimately finding my way back to the parking ramp for Discovery Bay. I then returned the car, and walked over to Kimo Bean.

The order that was placed was for three coffees, all hot: Caramel Mocha Cappuccino (which was made in the style of a latte), Kahala (vanilla) latte and, for me, Koko (Coconut) Mocha Latte.

The coffees that we got were simply awesome – as the more experienced coffee drinkers in Beedoo and her other half both said, Sam had made the coffees all at the perfect drinking temperature, meaning that it is not so hot that it burns your tongue, and it hasn’t cooled off too much either.

I will also add here that their iced offerings (either plain iced coffee or a Frappucino-style freeze) were awesome as well, because they just do the same thing as with the hot coffees and either stick it in the blender for the freeze or add ice for the iced varieties.

Since the coffee was so perfect, the decision was made to continue going there for coffees every morning (except for Tuesday and Saturday since we were out of the condo too early for our fixes), and then we made the discovery during our trips there that they also did breakfast, thanks to a sign that proclaimed to try their delicious breakfast sandwich.

On Wednesday, we decided to give the breakfast a go. Their options include some pastries, but they also had some awesome sandwiches available. Both times that we did have breakfast there, all three of us ordered the same things each time –

I had the Breakfast wrap, which is a tortilla filled with a fried egg (a proper egg, as you could see the white and the yolk), cheese and mango salsa, and added bacon to the combination.

Breakfast wrap with bacon

Beedoo had the same thing, substituting turkey for the bacon –


Meanwhile, her other half opted for the breakfast croissant, which is simply a croissant with egg, cheese, and your choice of meat. He chose ham for his sandwich both times –


On your trip to Waikiki, you certainly can visit some of the different coffee shops out there, but make sure that you do make a stop at the Kimo Bean in Discovery Bay Center. They have other locations around the area, but only the Discovery Bay location has Sam, the world’s awesomest barista who has the knack of making the coffee at the right temperature ๐Ÿ™‚

I also want to give a shout out to Jennifer, who was there with Sam most times we were in there, helping out on the till and with making the coffees and breakfasts.

One last pro tip – check your receipt. They have free wifi, and the password is on the receipt ๐Ÿ˜‰