Murals around Honolulu – Friends of the Library

I could also call this post a lesson in mediocre photoshopping skills, as you will see later. It is worth it, however, due to the situation of the photos that you will see.

One of the great things about the photos that were forwarded to us for publication is that they had location information on them, so that I could get an idea of where the murals were located at.

Thanks to that, I can tell you that these particular photos were all taken at 684 Pohukaina Street, which is home to the Friends of the Library of Hawai’i.

We start off with a duck who, as it would seem, has seen better days, but things are looking up for him or her.

Hawaii Oahu May 2013 122

We then move along to a roller door which has what appears to be some text on it, but it is hard to tell. Next up is a pinkish fellow who looks to be presenting us to the door. If you can identify him, that would be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

As we swing around the corner, we have what appears to possibly be Pele? Though I think this is probably not her since, well, it’s a he in the image, and Pele’s a she…

Hawaii Oahu May 2013 121

And we finish off with these two folks, sharing flowers, as a bug of some variety looks on from behind the low wall.

Hawaii Oahu May 2013 120

Now, this is where we get into my very mediocre photoshopping skills that I have. In fact, I don’t even use Photoshop. I used the Gimp to do this, mostly because I can’t justify the cost to purchase Photoshop ๐Ÿ™‚

Ultimately, I realised that these three images were a continuation of each other, and made them into a panorama, which came out like this:

library mural

There are still a bunch more photos that we have received to be published. I am working on getting them readied to post (which should go quicker now that I have located where all the photos were taken), and there should be more coming ๐Ÿ™‚

All of these photos are provided to use with thanks to the photographer, Sweetiedarling1 from Canberra

Murals around Honolulu – Animals

Here are some more of the awesome murals that can be found around Honolulu. This one is at the Cafe Duck Butt, at 901 Kawaiahao StHawaii Oahu May 2013 102

Another mural can be found outside of Fresh Cafe, 800 Queen Street –

Hawaii Oahu May 2013 103


There are a lot more photos, which are all published with the thanks of the photographer,ย Sweetiedarling1 from Canberra