So how much is this trip actually going to cost?

There are 6 areas – some of which are a fixed cost (eg flights, accommodation) – these I have already paid for in full.

There are 4 areas which can be changeable costs (food, trips & tours, shopping, incidentals) so I need to set a budget for those.

Flights – Actual Cost – $2382.96 – SYD – HNL – KOA – KOA – HNL – SYD via Hawaiian Airlines.

Accommodation – Actual Cost

Kona – $359.04 (paid)

Oahu – $3128 (divided by 3 people, $1042 each) (deposit paid $600)

Food – Budget – $1300 (13 days @ $100 per day)

Trips & Tours – Budget – $1500

Kona – $1000

Mauna Kea Summit Tour $400 (booked not paid)

Circle Island Tour $152.00 (Paid)

Airport Transfers 56.00 (Paid)

Oahu – $500

Oahu photography tour $480 (paid this is for the 3 of us)

Shopping – Budget – $5000

Bear in mind with the shopping budget, I am planning to buy clothes, shoes, etc for the next 12 months use. It might seem high – I will probably save a bit more than I have budgeted so I might revise this upwards as the time gets closer and I can see how my savings are going.

Travel Insurance – Budget – $336 (Paid this is for 2 of us)

Incidentals – Budget – $500

car parking at Sydney Airport Budget $200

Savings Plan – 

$300 per week for 30 weeks = $9000.

2 thoughts on “Financials

    • Hi Kristy,

      You are right, it was just $336 for the two of us. I know there are probably cheaper travel insurances out there, but after what happened last trip I will never go with anyone other than QBE – they looked after us so well. I am happy to pay a little more just based on their great service last time and also they do tend to cover a bit more than some of the cheaper options.

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