Large Feet..

You know what they say about people with large feet.. they have large.. shoes.


Christian Siriano Violetta Shoe – $29.99

Payless Shoesource are fortunate to often have fashion designers create shoes exclusively for them – Christian Siriano is a regular designer for Payless, in past years (2011)ย (2012) I have seen shoes by designers like Isabel Toledo and Lela Rose.

Me personally I wear size 10 or 11 depending on the shoe.

Unfortunately in Australia it is a bit difficult to find these large shoes, especially in pretty styles. But on Oahu? You will be spoiled for choice. Usually the section for size 11 is tiny – have a look at this size 11 section at Payless just behind the International Marketplace!


Here are some size 10 shoes at the same Payless –


These are not all of the size 10 shoes in the store – the boys were rushing me through here and I did not get to take all the photos I wanted to..


They have a pretty decent range of boots for a warm climate state!


This is just one store. You will find most of the shoe stores stock most styles in size 10-11.


The shoes on Oahu are very reasonably priced and there is a large range to choose from.

You can get a preview before your trip of the available shoes at Payless Shoesource by visiting their website – they sadly do not ship to Australia.

Happy Shoe Shopping!

Finding the right shoes


Matching Adidas Climacool shoes, in multiple colors!

When I went to Hawaii, I had planned to buy maybe one pair of sandals and, if a good deal was to be had, a pair of Skechers, since I like their gym shoes.

However, that turned out to not be the plan, mostly because I found out something strange about me:

I was wearing shoes that were too big

For the longest time, I just would go to the store and buy a pair of size 13 shoes, as those had the best fit. Or so I thought.

However, after a full day of walking at Ward Warehouse in my size 13 Filas (rebadged as Kirkland Signature from Costco), my feet were in severe pain.

I will note here that we did stop at the Famous Footwear in Ward and I declined a pair of Dr. Scholl’s brand sandals as I thought they were too expensive at around $40, and I continued to walk the rest of the day in my Costco shoes.

After a full day of walking, my feet were in so much pain that while we were walking to the pool at the Ilikai, I was literally saying “ouch” out loud every time that my feet touched the ground. The fact that the hotel did not sign the directions to the pool very well did not help matters much.

Even though it was three days later, what happened next was nothing if not revolutionary for me and my feet.

After experiencing snorkeling (walking to and from Magic Island in the sandals that I brought with me, which are now in a landfill somewhere on Oahu), we went to Ala Moana. While Beedoo was visiting Kipling and some other stores, her other half and I were tasked with visiting some shoe stores like the Walking Company, Skechers, and Island Sole, with the goal of getting some shoes for me that would work better, along with new sandals. Her other half also needed some new sandals as the ones that he had bought at Famous Footwear did not work out for him.

I visited Walking Company and determined that they didn’t have anything that looked good to me, plus the prices were too high to me. Then we went to Skechers and I found one of their pairs of shoes with a memory foam sole, but didn’t buy a pair because they did not have a size 13 available.

Ultimately, I wound up at Island Sole and buying a pair of Cobian sandals. The strange thing that I found with was that with the Cobians, the size 12 fitted better on me than the 13s. Also, I had not really looked at the pricetag on those shoes (it was not visible really), just deciding to buy them no matter the cost; I loved that they were comfortable and waterproof. It turns out that it was about the same as the Dr. Scholl’s that I had rejected due to cost.

I then changed shoes while we were waiting outside of Longs Drugs (another story to be told, one that is resulting in me not shopping at CVS anytime soon), and went back to the condo and did the rest of the day in the new Cobians.

Wednesday came along, and after an interesting day that involved driving out to the end of the Farrington Highway (which was an interesting experience, not only because of the scenery), we ended our day at Waikele Premium Outlets.

While there, we visited two shoe stores before I decided to get anything. However, at the first stop, which was Skechers (again), I sat down with the foot measuring tool and I wish I had a picture of what showed up.


The 4 pair of shoes that I bought on O’ahu, all size 12

My foot fit into the space for a 10-10.5 size foot. Not a 13. What a shock it was!

So at Skechers, I didn’t like the range of shoes they had since they were too colorless and I wanted to get a pair of shoes that had color in them. The same thing applied at Famous Footwear. I did buy some socks at Famous Footwear – 12 pair of ankle socks for $15. The shoes were alright, but the cheapskate part of me said – only buy from one place, and only buy after looking at all of the options.

So, that’s how I wound up at Adidas. Where they had a deal of buy two get one free for the whole store. At first, I tried the 13s again since I was still convinced that, despite what I had discovered at Skechers, 13 was the correct size and not 12. Then I tried the 12s and I could immediately feel a world of difference. My arches had support, my blisters on the right heel didn’t hurt and my feet felt tons better.

Ultimately, I wound up spending over $100 on the three pair shoes just at Adidas, with the realization that it’s worth it to treat myself to new shoes that should last quite some time, mostly because of another rule of shoe wearing that I was taught by Beedoo:

Wear different shoes for different occasions

As a person who is cheap, I always said that you only need a few pairs of shoes – one or two pair of sneakers (one of which is in good nick, the other not so much for slopping around), dress shoes, and flip flops/sandals.

Of course this leads to other problems – on the first couple of days I was in Australia I was wearing a pair of shoes that were well past their use by date. Because of that and all the walking that we did (keeping in line I was 200lb heavier at the time), I wound up with some nasty blisters on my feet.

After getting the shoes and switching them daily, I note two things:

  • They don’t wear as quickly as if you wear them every day
  • My feet don’t hurt like they used to

The moral of the story is to have your feet measured and make sure you buy the shoes that are right for your foot size, and not what you think you should wear because it’s easy to get on or whatever the case may be. ๐Ÿ™‚

One other shoe-related note – while we were at Ward Warehouse, we went by the Brookstone store, and spotted an interesting product – Hickies – which are replacements for your shoelaces. I have to say that they do work well…I got a set of white ones, but they have many different colors available ๐Ÿ™‚

Hawaiian Carriage Take 2

You will definitely want to pick one of these up from the ABC store or any luggage store you stumble upon if you are planning a shopping trip –


This was our first shopping trip – All of that you see came out of that bag – they really hold a lot of shopping! ๐Ÿ™‚


Part One is here, FYI. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bring A Towel?

So, if you are wondering, should you pack a beach towel.. have a look at these gorgeous beach towels available at the ABC stores.


And my personal favourite –


These can be found starting at $13.99 at the ABC store. You can see more designs and other beach items available by clicking here.

My advice – save the space, and bring home one of these gorgeous and beautiful towels.