New page – Oahu Facebook Pages

So, after a short 4 hour sleep because I was reading one of those can’t put down books, a 3 hour hair appointment, a 6 hour work shift.. one comes home and finds ones self a little bit.. bored and not tired enough for bed just yet.

After all, I have been scheduling posts like a mad person behind the scenes for the past week or so, everything that can be packed at this stage is packed.. so what does one do?

Why not tackle a task which has been on my todo list for quite some time – a page of Facebook links for the blog. And here it is – Oahu Facebook Pages.

One of the few things I love about Facebook is the news feed. I love being able to keep up with the doings of friends and family but I also love to be able to keep up with things I am interested in. Oahu is on that list of things, obviously. So when I find an Oahu related page and I read back and I like what I see, I will like the page so that any further content will come to me as a surprise in my newsfeed.

Some of the pages I have been enjoying a lot lately –

Kapono Photoworks – Wonderful pics – especially the wedding on the pirate ship!

Monkeypod Kitchen By Merriman Oahu – Always making me hungry

IL Gelato Hawaii – Always making me crave gelato

The Art of Hilton Alves – I love the art to be found here, and currently Hilton is painting a huge wave mural at Waiakamilo / 1320 Kalani Street, Honolulu – it is incredible to watch it progress day by day.

O’ahu Photography Tours – gorgeous Oahu photos in my newsfeed as a regular surprise? Yes thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This page will be a long term work in progress – there are so many pages out there to be found, and I will continue seeking them out.

Do you have any favourite Oahu Facebook pages to share?

Leave them in the comments – thanks!

More trip reports added

Aussie Trip Reports –

2012 May โ€“ Twinnies

Oahu Trip Reports –

2006 Sept Monkeyinthemiddle (North Shore)ย Yes this was 2006 but it was so good I have included it, especially as there are not a lot of North Shore trip reports

2008 March โ€“ RatherBeinAK

2008 April โ€“ mattypw

2008 May โ€“ Hazel2005

2008 May โ€“ MedheadSA

2008 November โ€“ parrothd34

2008 October โ€“ BrightonBill

2008 October โ€“ shasta

2008 September โ€“ thenumbersarebad

2009 June โ€“ cdoherty

2009 July โ€“ piloti5

2009 October โ€“ NewYorkfoodee 2

2009 September โ€“ Calling_In_Sick

2010 October โ€“ koloagirl

2010 November โ€“ mankimus

2011 August โ€“ suezeke41

2011 October โ€“ BBreb

2012 August โ€“ dreamer4848

2012 July โ€“ RockyTopEngineer

2012 July โ€“ RockyTopEngineer 2

2012 July โ€“ RockyTopEngineer 3

2012 July โ€“ siesta4_1

2012 March โ€“ MelissaDawn123

2012 March- Sierra drift

2012 September โ€“ msneedleย <– I want to point out this one is AWESOME and you should read it.

2012 October โ€“ char_d77

Every time I think I have made progress, I find more trip reports not on the list. I don’t know if I will ever manage to list all of them..

I know I’ve had enough for the day when I find someone who has posted each day as a separate post and I just can’t face hunting down and linking to all the posts. Please, if you are writing a trip report, don’t do that! ๐Ÿ™‚ Or if you must make a separate day for each post, when you are done, link to all the days in *each* post, so they can easily be found by people later.

New Links Added

The one thing I don’t like about this blog theme – you can’t see links you have clicked on already. This is going to mean a little bit of extra work on my part to post when I add in a bunch of links so that you can know what links are new.

Added today – Aussie Trip Reports –

2009 March โ€“ Search

2010 July โ€“ MissEllieLou

2010 Aug/Sept โ€“ Blondie59

2010 October โ€“ Beedoo747

2010 November โ€“ js4rq

2011 Aug/Sept โ€“ cosmo64

2011 May โ€“ DarbynJoan

2011 May โ€“ Sydney Shop Girl

2011 August -SydneyNicstar

2011 Nov โ€“ JohnandKatrina

2011 Nov โ€“ JohnandKatrina Pt 2

2011 Nov โ€“ JohnandKatrina Pt3

2011 Nov/Dec โ€“ Beedoo747

Oahu Trip Reports –

2010 August โ€“ SCMike92673

2011 December โ€“ fast72

Other links added –

Tips for Aussie Travellers

Where to buy Plus Size Ladies Wear?

Thats all for today. It is so exhausting searching trip advisor.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ If you put in trip report, you get every post with the words trip and report in it. If you put in Aussie trip report, you get all the posts with those words in it. You then have to pick through everything for new stuff you have not added before. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ