Salad Dressing From Dole Plantation

There will be many, multiple, lengthy, photo packed posts re the gift store at the Dole Plantation coming to you as a surprise in your future. I mean, the place is just epic. There are really no words that can describe it, photos cannot really do it justice, it will not be until you go there that you understand how truly epic and enormous it is..


One question I had after reading this post from The Hopeful Traveller – Dole Plantation in Wahiawa, Hawaii – was about the salad dressing bottles – were they plastic or glass? So you better believe the first thing I did when I saw these babies live and in person was walk up and tap them. And happy moments – they are plastic. So there was no doubt in my mind they were coming home with me.


And here they are packed in a Ziploc bag when they arrived at my home in Australia.

That they are packed in plastic rather than glass does not surprise me having been to the Dole Plantation gift store, because I am telling you, these people have thought of *every* single *thing*. As in, everything they can do to make it easier for you the tourist to get your Dole Plantation purchases home to your house, wherever in the world your house might be. Plus they usually ship these internationally – though at the moment they have suspended international shipping, sadly.


I bought the 3 pack of salad dressing for $24.95 plus tax – and so did Bigaln2. I can’t wait to try them – I bet they taste amazing. I am a big salad person though I do not like lettuce at all – I will usually use baby spinach instead. My favourite salad is incredibly simple – rinsed baby spinach, chopped strawberries, salad dressing usually Balsamic Vinegar as that goes well with strawberries – but I bet these will go great with them too.

I will also often just cut up an avocado and eat that with salad dressing as a snack.

The only question is, which dressing to try first?