Tree TIme


Across the road from the fruit stands on the North Shore, there is a little path which leads to this tree. I cannot look at this photo without tasting the Banana Lumpia I was eating while here.

We’re coming up to Christmas which is a really busy time of year for everyone, so don’t be surprised to see less posts from us over the next 2 weeks.

On top of that, we – that is Beedoo747 and her other half – decided to give another kitty a forever home for Christmas and we are struggling a bit with the introduction to our older cat.

I did get a lovely invitation from the Hawai’i Tourism Authority to fill in a visitor satisfaction survey after filling in a visitor questionnaire at the airport, and I will take some photos of this to share with you sometime this week.

Blog Housekeeping Note

For some reason the links in the sidebar for Oahu Trip Reports were not showing all the links we had in there. Weird. But there were an awful lot of links.

We created a new link category for Oahu Trip Reports 2013 and now you can see a bunch of trip reports over there which were always linked to, yet previously invisible.

Please note we always have separated out the Aussie trip reports from the Oahu trip reports, simply because Aussies tend to do and talk about different things to those visiting from the Mainland US or other countries. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have written a trip report and there is not a link to it, please let us know in the comments or alternatively via the Contact Us form. In order to add your link, we will need the link, so make sure to include it.

Top Search Terms

Things people search for on the Googles and Tubes, and end up here. ๐Ÿ™‚ We do get an awful lot of unknown search terms unfortunately, which are not counted in this list.

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If you are going to start a blog, you want to pick a unique and memorable name, like beedoo747. ๐Ÿ™‚

People Who Click – Where Do They Go?

10. Outrigger Waikiki On The Beach
9. Waikele Premium Outlets
8. Hawaii Vacation Blog
7. Dole Plantation in Wahiawa, Hawaii
6. Discount Hotels Hawaii – Waikiki Map
5. The Landrum Wife
4. Happy Hour Pal HawaiiHappy Hour Pal on Facebook
3. 101 Things To Do on Oโ€˜ahu
2. The Tasty Island

Absolutely thrilled to see my favourite Oahu food blog The Tasty Island up there at #2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations Pomai!

And please note, #5 The Landrum Wife has a lot of fantastic Oahu posts which I recommend you read before you go, especially if you plan to drive you must check outย Oahu Driving Tour and Mini Oahu Driving Tour.

The number one place people click out to is no surprise, seeing as we have so many trip report links here as well as a lot of other links toโ€ฆ.

1. Tripadvisor Oahu Forums

Where Do People Visit Beedoo Travel Blog From?

The number one country people visit from is Australia – this is not surprising as the blog is geared towards Aussies who are visiting Oahu.

Of course, everyone who visits is welcome.

If you are reading this-

why not post a comment and say Hi, and let us know –

– where you are from

– if you are visiting Oahu, when you are travelling and where are you staying

– has the blog helped you with your planning?

Top 10 – Most Popular Posts @ Beedoo Travel Blog

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5. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
4. Doctors & Chemists
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2. Waikiki Beach Hotels

And.. drumroll.. somewhat hilariously on the Beedoo Oahu Travel Blog.. the number one post is.. not related to Oahu at all!

1. Star City Breakfast Buffet

That post was featured on Urbanspoon and it is no surprise that it is very popular because a lot of people check Urbanspoon before they go somewhere to eat.