Beedoo’s Number One Travel Tip

lifehack –ย A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.

Beedoo747’s Wii Strap lifehack

When I bought my new Panasonic Lumix and unpacked it, I found a camera wrist strap was included. I looked at it, and I thought..

..wouldn’t my Wii remote strap be a better wrist strap, especially for things like snorkelling, water photography, and for security purposes?

It has a lock on there which is designed to stop your Wii remote leaving your hand and crashing into your teevee as a surprise, which happened a lot with the first version Wii remotes that did not come with a lock.


Turns out the answer is yes, heck yes, absolutely yes, this was my best idea ever!

Top 5 reasons why this was awesome –

1. Stayed firmly on the wrist while snorkelling

2. Stayed firmly on the wrist while doing.. well.. absolutely everything

3. No digging in the handbag for the camera when a shot presented itself

4. Could let the camera hang safely from the wrist if you needed to use your hand(s) for shopping, eating, drinking, ย for various other purposes

5. Could easily hang the camera from the handbag hook on the back of the toilet door and lock it tightly in place if you were travelling light and not carrying a handbag – just make sure not to forget it!

Should Have Brought Extra

Bigaln2 was extremely jealous of my Wii Strap and we did look in many places for a Wii strap for him to use with his camera, unfortunately this is not as easy a task as it seems.

There was also an incident with Bigaln2’s iPhone and a waterproof carry case which we purchased – it ended up at the bottom of the Ilikai pool the first night we went swimming. This would not have happened with a Wii strap!

One Small Improvement

I would bring a second one if you are planning a lot of snorkelling and water activities, specifically for use in those situations. Sure, it does not take long for the strap to dry out in the warmth of Hawaii, but in case it gets wet and you want to switch it for a fresh one, this might be a good idea.

Who Thought Of It First?

Probably half way through the holiday I said to the other half, surely I cannot be the first person to have thought of this. Of course I am not – I cannot easily trace back to the person who had this idea first, but I am going to give the EPIC WIN title to this gentleman – Randy Lew who wrote back in 2011 about his amazing camera strap finding and included photos.

A closer view of the Wii Strap and my camera, sorry it is quite a long photo. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hot Hula

If you are looking for a different kind of workout while on Oahu, you might want to check out the awesome Hot Hula.

Does this not look like incredible fun?

I first heard about it thanks to this thread on Tripadvisor about Zumba – I was googling.. and I found the Honolulu Club, which sounds absolutely incredible. The club has been recently renovated. Guest fees are pretty pricey for us tourists at $25 per visit (you might want to double check that with the club, I could only find it on one spot on the website) but the range of group classes available are just mind boggling. Everything from Ballet to Aqua Zumba.. Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga.. and on the schedule I spotted Hot Hula.. so I googled some more and found out all about Hot Hula.

You can see the schedule for Honolulu Club here.

If you like the look of Hot Hula and want to do it as your regular workout at home there are dvds available.. and for those who like to go to a class.. it is starting to be found in Australia

You can of course find regular hula classes about the place, including free Hula classes at the Royal Hawaiian Center where they also have Lei Making and other excellent free classes.

Bring A Towel?

So, if you are wondering, should you pack a beach towel.. have a look at these gorgeous beach towels available at the ABC stores.


And my personal favourite –


These can be found starting at $13.99 at the ABC store. You can see more designs and other beach items available by clicking here.

My advice – save the space, and bring home one of these gorgeous and beautiful towels.

Rash Vests & Sunscreen


I see that some people find the blog by searching for “do you need to put suncream under a rash vest” – “do you not need sunscreen if you wear a rash vest” etc.

The answer is – you do not need to put sunscreen on under a rash vest as these contain their own sun protection – either 30+ or 50+ are the most common I see.

You WILL need to put sunscreen on any area not covered by your rash vest. This includes your hands, neck, ears, face, etc. And you WILL also need to make sure you protect your scalp from the sun with a hat, and protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses with UV protection.

Where can I buy a rash vest?

You can buy rash vests and full body suits in many places – they are fairly common these days – if you want to shop online in Australia you might like to take a look at the range of sun protection offered by the Cancer Council. Some of the items there are made by Stingray and you can look at their range online too. They also have a decent range of plus sizes which can be difficult to find.

If you want sun protection as well as wind protection and keeping warm in the water for extended lengths of time, you might want to check out Sharkskin. These are technically awesome garments with a micro fleece lining – great for snorkelling, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing, etc. I have a set of these for kayaking and I love them.

A little secret

For those of us not entirely bikini ready (and for those of us who do not want and never intend to be bikini ready!) rash vests or body suits can also be shapewear – they hold all your jiggly bits in just that bit firmer. For this reason combined with the sun protection factor I highly recommend these for your next beach trip.

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

From my November 2011 trip report –

H wanted to go to the swap meet, and I said I would go along. For some reason this really irritated my sisters other half, which really irritated me in return and made me determined to make a great day of it. The next day we could go was on Wednesday the 23rd which would also be the day we would get the results re cancer, but it was also the last chance before H would go home (early morning of the 25th), so it was the only option.

Of course I was already well aware of what the results would be – my sister and her partner had not been there after the surgery when the doctor looked me in the eye and told me what she thought – what she was certain – that it was. And I believed her, because she would know, right?

Having been to the swap meet before I knew it would be hot, I knew we needed to make sure we had sunscreen and plenty of water and hats, etc. Not to mention shedloads of $$!! So we set out very well prepared for the day and I got some awesome bargains.

There is a lady there who sells plus size clothes and they are beautiful, some Hawaii style wears which I bought a few of in amazing colours and patterns, which I did not see anywhere else I went.

IMG_2136 Jostar made in USA brand slinky style.

I got many t-shirts for the other half in particular he wanted some of the red dirt style t-shirts (in other colors too, the blue and green are very popular with him) and there is a place there with a lot of gothic style t-shirts for men – that same place has nice cargo shorts in camouflage colors which he likes. If you have ever seen the t-shirts Aaron Paul’s character Jesse wears on breaking bad, that kind of style. When I got home and unpacked it turned out, I had bought him 14 t-shirts during the trip and the majority of them had turtles on. Without me even thinking about it, this happened.

IMG_0406 “Jesse” from Breaking Bad style t-shirts.

I did not buy much jewellery but I did make my own bracelet and also made one for my niece at a stall there with mucho hello kitty and swarovski style crystals. It was gorgeous, sitting there in the warm Hawaiian breeze, making bracelets.

We also bought suitcases, and at some point in the journey around the stadium, our carryings became too heavy and I bought a $7 roller bag. It was the most awesome handy item.

Towards the end of the swap meet, while at a jewellery stall where H was buying some gifts for her family back home, my phone rang. It was my sister with the news I was not expecting – that there was no cancer. Thus cementing forever my assertion that the swap meet is the best place & thing in the world, ever.
IMG_0400 My swap meet haul in 2011 – note the rolling bag in the front there ^^ it cost me $7 and you should get one too!

I cannot recommend the swap meet highly enough – but – I know it is not for everyone. It is a “you will love it or hate it” type place. So to give you an idea if you are going to love it or hate it, do some googling for images from the swap meet, visit the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet website and read some posts from bloggers who visited. Like this one from someone who did not love itthis post from someone who liked it – And a few others with photos to check out – hereherehere

One Waterfront Tower

There are these two buildings in Honolulu that I just love. I have no idea why. Something about them speaks to me.


I was very surprised to find that Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs went window washing on one of them! And there are plenty of gratuitous helicopter shots of my favourites. – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

(Sorry I have been absent for a bit – long story – a good friend of mine passed away)