Pacifikool Ginger Drinks

If you go to the KCC Farmers Market, or some of the other farmers markets or food events, you may stumble across the wonderful folks from Pacifikool. The stand will look something like this –


They have quite a few different drinks that they make with their absolutely stunning Ginger syrup.


On this occasion Bigaln2 chose the Berries and Ginger, while I went for the Pineapple and Ginger. What you get is the Pacifikool Ginger Syrup with various additions (e.g. mint, lime, lemon, berries) and then mineral/soda water on top. They give it a good stir with the special spoon.


As with all times when you are in a group and you choose different things from the menu, one person has to be the winner and get the best, most awesome tasting item. On this occasion it was sadly not me. We tried each others drinks and the Berries and Ginger was far and away the most awesome.


We actually had two each of these while at KCC – we grabbed the first one while we walked around and looked at everything, and a second cup when it was time to sit down and eat. Unfortunately when we went to grab the second cup they had sold out of the Berries and Ginger, so we had to both get the Island Ginger Ale. It was still awesome! It is just the Berries option took this drink to a different and much higher level..

You can find out where you can buy the syrups to make your own drinks and where Pacifikool will be while you are on island by visiting this page. You can also order the syrups online but they ship to US only at this stage. The syrup needs to be refrigerated and has absolutely zero preservatives, or artificial flavouring and colouring.

If you like ginger beer you have to try this – it is seriously awesome.

Note from bigaln2: We did buy a bottle of the syrup while at the KCC, but we did not have an opportunity to give it a try while in Oahu. Because of that, I did take it home with me. I have only made the basic island ginger ale so far, but they do include with every bottle a recipe card that tells you how to do different drinks. You can also get the recipes online here.

At one point in time I will have to get the Thai ginger to give some of the other options a go, but I am also curious to try out maybe some different citrus juices in the drinks like lime in the pineapple ginger ale. ๐Ÿ™‚