Magokoro – Totally Awesome.

This post will be long and contain a lot of photos of the menu, and then some photos of the sushi which will likely make you very hungry. I make no apologies for this. Just go here, and eat here, if you like sushi and even if you do not, try one of their “sets” like Teriyaki Chicken.

If we had to list a top five of meals we had on Oahu, the dinner we ate at Magokoro would be 2nd on the list for me. The sushi here was more like art on a plate, absolutely delicious and the best sushi I have eaten in.. well.. this might be the best sushi I have ever eaten.

We visited Magokoro on the night of Friday the 8th of November, after our twilight tour at the zoo and then dropping back the rental car. I do not remember whether we had already eaten or when we last ate but we were pretty hungry by the time we got here.


Todays special list. This will be presented to you with your menu.


Sashimi menu


More menu.


And more menu.


And yet more menu.


I like the sound of Ginger Pork Set, but we were here for sushi!


Sushi Roll Menu


Nigiri Sushi menu.


At least it is not Spite. ๐Ÿ™‚


We decided to try the Mai Tai.


And here it is, looks almost exactly like on the menu!


The sushi chefs were extremely busy making sushi for everyone. I took a few photos but did not get a single one in which the chefs were not blurry! Speedy sushi makers!


And speaking of speedy, here arrived our first sushi. California Roll. Bigaln2 and I were sharing, so we each got 3 each of these serves.


California Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll. One thing I liked about the sushi was that it is bite sized, not too large like sometimes sushi can be.


The other half ordered Teriyaki Chicken Set.


Rainbow Roll – this is so gorgeous we did not think we should eat it, if you can believe it, this tasted even better than it looked.


Some more closeups of the Rainbow Roll.


So at this time we had everything we had ordered – we also ordered Gyoza but none of us took a photo of that – small brain fail. We were still hungry, so we ordered up some more sushi and some tempura.


Vegetable Tempura

mk13 mk12

Vegetable Roll


Philadephia Roll


We did not order.. whatever this was. But it sounded very interesting – I am still not sure if they were trying to say this is low class liquor or if it was very high class rare distilled liquor. Then again if the low class liquor means love is good.. well, who knows what the heck this is all about..

The Mai Tai was more than enough for me and it was packed full of booze, whether low class or high class, it was the equivalent of 3 drinks for me. We walked out of here full of food, and quite drunk to boot, after only one drink! And the cooking was made to feel very tastily!

I did not feel any oil or fat component. But I did feel a need to stop in at the ABC store very near to Magokoro on the way back to the Ilikai and pick up some more lip balm, and there I watched a man much more drunk than me trying to pay and epically failing. Even with one very strong drink in me, I navigated the US Dollars with talent and skill.

And here you see the bill, which is extremely reasonable for the huge amount of food we ate.


We tipped generously but I forget exactly how much. I know it was in accordance with the feeling of that day, which was a very happy one. (Bigaln2 will note here that the tip was 25%, or about $23 :))

We truly loved this place, and would have returned over and over, if not for the fact that we had very few days left. Next visit I predict at least 3 meals being eaten here, and one time I might get the ginger pork set.

If you like what you saw in the photos here, I strongly recommend a visit. See Magokoro on YelpSee Magokoro on Tripadvisor (with a review from our much loved Harleynut)

Magokoro is atย 1831 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu – you will find it between the Ilikai and the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

The wonderful Amberloo on the TripAdvisor Oahu forums recommended this place in the Amberloo and Food thread on Tripadvisor, which you should read in full before visiting Oahu. So we and our stomachs would like to say a huge thank you to Amberloo for this recommendation, we *loved* Magokoro.

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