Sad News

Today The Other Half and I had to make a very difficult decision to say goodbye to our much loved cat.


We always agreed that we did not want her to suffer and the last couple of days she had been struggling. She was such a great cat and tough too, to make it this far after the pancreatitis she suffered before we went away to Hawaii. We loved her very much, she will be greatly missed and we’re both pretty upset obviously.


She had a huge love for plastic bags and boxes, as so many cats do. But she also loved suitcases, despite the fact that whenever they appeared it usually meant her owners were going somewhere without her. She also loved to sleep on or in them when we returned, perhaps out of spite for the suitcases that signalled our departure.


I do not know if this house will ever be home again, because she made it home for us.

2 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. So sad for you it is an awful decision to have to make…We have decided after the last time we had to make that decision we just couldn’t do it again after over 45 years of having our wonderful furry friends filling our lives with joy we have no one instead we mind our adult children’s pets and spoil them. But still miss having a furry friend in our house they have all had different personalities and like you they have brought us so much happiness and mostly laughter with their antics and most of all unconditional love and leave us with wonderful memories.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Cheryl. We still have 6 chickens and one furry friend here who.. well.. she just isn’t the brainiest cat on the planet.

      With the cat pictured above, she was very smart and also very attached to both of us, the one we have left could take us or leave us as long as there is food and water. ๐Ÿ™‚ It isn’t the same kind of attachment.

      I think I would find it hard to live in a house without any cats but right now I am finding it really hard without *that* cat.

      I know some people who foster and I think maybe that might be an option for us once the current kitty is gone. Though I do not want to cross out the option that our cat pictured above will somehow send us another cat – after all, she was sent to us by our previous cat, and she behaved very similarly to that cat.

      There was one cat at a shelter who we met while going to visit our cat at the vets, and if she had still been at the shelter I think we would have made an effort to try and bring her home because it was almost like our cat led us to her, if that makes any sense. However she is no longer there and it is no wonder, she was just the sweetest cat.

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