Beauty.. and a curse?

The part of the Mauna Kea Summit & Stargazing tour I loved was when we stopped at a lava flow to get out and have a closer look at it. While standing on the lava, under my foot a piece of the lava broke off.


Curious, I picked it up and on one side it was just black crusty looking stuff โ€“


On the other side when I turned it over, there was the most gorgeous colours and it was all sparkly. It was like someone took a rainbow and embedded it in the lava. What if I had not turned it over, and just put it back down?


I so wanted to take that rock home with me but we have this life rule โ€“

take only photographs, leave only footprintsย 


I called the other half over and we took a lot of photos of that rock and I hoped that maybe one of them could do it justice. However though you get an idea of the beauty of it, not a single one comes close to the amazing brilliance I held in my hand that day. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sometimes the rules we live by are difficult to keep to but we have to live by them. Sure I could have made an exception for this but where would that end?


I hoped we might find one of these rocks that I could buy somewhere โ€“ perhaps suspended in resin because I thought it was pretty brittle โ€“ that was until the next tour we took the next day, when I learned of Pele’s Curse.


So if you are visiting areas with lava flows, when you stop to look at the lava, make sure to bend down and flip one of the broken pieces over, you might see something that stuns you. I suspect it has started a renewed interest for me in rocks and minerals. I have always loved them โ€“ when I was a child my favourite Grandmother would take me to the museum and I would be stuck in the minerals room for hours on end, just looking at them and learning about them.

The museum at the town I grew up in (Adelaide) and spent all that time in has a huge collection of rocks and minerals and they have installed a mineral wall with every colour of the rainbow represented. I have photos of it somewhere but I can’t find them right now – here is a picture you can view.

There were quite a few parts of this tour I did not love, but that is for another day.

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