Royal Kona Resort

This post is a copy of my TripAdvisor Review, with a few more photos included here.rkr6

On arrival on 29th October we headed to reception. There was water with lemon and other citrus (not sure did not try this) where guests arrive so you could grab a drink while you checked in, if you wanted to. We did not, having had POG on the short plane ride over.

Diane checked us in and she was lovely, and asked us if two doubles would be ok. Probably they would have but being used to a king at home we asked if there might be a king bed available. After some tapping on the keyboard Diane came up with room 360 in the Lagoon tower which was the tower I most wanted to be in having read the majority of the reviews here.

Diane gave us a map and showed us where to head to, booked us a taxi to take us to Hawaii Forest and Trail the next day after we asked what would be the best way to get there and wished us a pleasant stay.


The view from our room 360 @ Royal Kona Resort

Off to our room which was.. how best to describe it? For the price we were paying which worked out to about $110 per night this was fantastic value.


Our balcony

Yes, the resort is a grand old dame and in some places showing her age but it is in a great location and the waves crashing into the lagoon is so restful and helpful at bedtime to send you off to sleep. Pretty much everywhere you go in the room you can hear the ocean.


I especially liked what I call the “Survivor Africa” cabinet which the tv was placed on.


The wooden shutters used for window coverings

The wooden shutters were gorgeous if a little heavy to move and as they were the only window covering if you wanted the windows covered you had to use these – the furniture was excellent.


Our room 360 in the lagoon tower

The bed was comfortable, perhaps slightly firmer than I would usually choose. The bathroom looked like it had been recently renovated with new faux marble wall panelling and a bath which had a shower in it – the shower was wonderful after the long flight as it had that great stinging spray – why have I not read of the awesome water pressure in reviews here previously? – is everyone taking baths here? The shower water pressure was fabulous!


A view of the pool and one of the towers at night.

There is only one down side to this hotel – there is a smell of mould in the room. Knowing about this ahead of time via reading other reviews was important for us because I am allergic and the other half is more so than me. However we came prepared with antihistamines and did not have a major problem with it. Sorry, bathroom photos are among the missing pics.


The small kitchen area with coffee maker, fridge & sink

I could not find any actual mould in the room at all except for one tiny patch in the bathroom behind the toilet where nobody would usually spot it unless they were looking for it and I did let housekeeping know it was there before I left. My suspicion is that mould is actually in the air conditioning system, and one night I did turn it off for a bit and it seemed to me like the mould smell vanished for that time, so if you can live without aircon here you should try to do that.


Koi in the pond in the internal courtyard of our tower

Ok, there is one more thing I was not a huge fan of but this one is so easily fixed it isn’t funny and if I were the person in charge I would put this high on the to-do list – the towels are small, there are only two of them in the room plus a floor mat, two flannels and two hand towels, and none of them are especially inviting or awesome.

Yes, I could have brought my own or gone down to the ABC store and got some of those Hello Kitty velour beach towels but we were travelling light and had to make do. It is do-able but why not get some larger, fluffier towels? If I had a magic wand I would magic this place some new towels as a matter of urgency. In the meantime if you like your own towels best to bring them.


The lagoon pool

Back to the positives, I love the shape of the building, the grounds are gorgeous, the pool is warm and inviting, the lagoon pool would be an excellent place to spend time if we’d had it, we found a green gecko on one of the palm trees (which sadly vanished before we could get a shot of it). I wish we had more time to spend in the grounds, this was a quick trip for specific purposes for us and so our time at the hotel was limited.


The internal courtyard

The thing that most surprised me – and hopefully will now not surprise you when you see our photos -was the internal layout of the towers. There is a courtyard with a fish pond in the middle and all the rooms are accessed via this courtyard.


Stairs in the internal courtyard

I did look at a lot of the photos on reviews on TA and I do not recall seeing a shot from this angle and me being someone who likes to look for shots that other people did not take, made sure to get a few of the inside area.


The Pride Of America anchored just off Kailua Kona – this ship is a regular visitor

Most days of our stay there was a cruise ship anchored out in the bay which you could see from near the reception area when you went to leave in the morning – if there is one docked there, you want to try and get to the breakfast places a little earlier. Tenders start coming in anywhere between 7-8am depending on the ship and the passengers then can take a tour, rent a car for the day or wander the streets of Kona.

We checked out on the 1st of November. The wonderful Diane helped us once again and she remembered us and asked how our tour went. That is so lovely. 🙂 Great work Diane!

We enjoyed our stay here and would happily stay again.