Carry On Luggage

While I am returning home, why don’t I show you what I packed in my carry on?


Here is my carry on bag which involves Swarovski crystals on the front – I have taken this for 3 trips now. It nearly did not make it to this last trip as the inside zipper pocket was broken, but the other half fixed it for me and installed a safety pin so it will not break again as a surprise. Now I am sure it will last many more trips. Let us call this one “my Leopard Print bag”

Here also is my new handbag – it is a lot smaller than my previous one and will be perfect for this trip. I am hoping to pick up at least one Kipling handbag during the trip for future use, they look very light, I hope they turn out to be what I expect when I get to experience them in person. We will call this handbag “my black bag”.


My Leopard Print bag has a zipper section on the back where I can put stuff I easily need to access. My black bag has a front section where phones can go. Both these bags will go under the seat in front of me. I usually put a bottle of water into the seat back area and loop my handbag strap around it so it is easy to pull up and access if I need to.


Most likely this is what you will find in the front zip section of my Leopard Print bag – the camera, my iPhone, a packet of tissues, probably headphones for the iPhone.


Here is what will be living in my handbag during the flight – the iPhone and the camera will be added to it for every day use on Oahu.


Here you see the bag packed. This is pretty roomy for this bag because I am taking a suitcase this trip so there is plenty of spare space in here.


So what is that gold thing? That is my Pashmina, which is wrapped around my Samsung Tablet which contains all my books, and also movies and tv. It will also contain the other half’s tablet which would not fit in his carry on – he has a massive camera bag backpack. The Pashmina will come in handy for the trip to the Mauna Kea Summit where there has already been snow this year. I can use it as a scarf/wrap.


Here are some of the items packed in the bag. The long purple item is a washcloth wrapped around our brand new never used toothbrushes. I always pack them like this when travelling so when you use them in the morning and then pack them, they will not wet anything in the luggage – the washcloth soaks up any water left on the toothbrushes.

Next to the purple thing you see some more tissue packs – these are super gorgeous, not bulky like a regular travel tissue pack, they contain 8x 3 ply tissues – I am all about the ply. ๐Ÿ™‚ I found them when grocery shopping and I plan to get more of these for the handbag when I get back, so much nicer than the ugly packs I usually get plus with more ply!

The round purple container has my jewellery which I am taking in there. Mostly earrings, brooches, and a hair clip. There is room for more jewellery to be added if l buy any during the trip.

Next to that, the blue item rolled up and secured with a hair tie is my Ecosilk carrier bag. It is very pretty, and I love it. It once had a carrier bag but I lost that, so now I just use a hairband to wrap it in, handy in case I need a hairband!

Then you see a box of Olbas Pastilles which I swear by to travel on a plane – these babies will clear out your sinus and ear passages in no time.

Behind that is a small purse which contains a couple of necklaces with large pendants.

Next to that is my new comb which I bought especially for the trip, it is small and convenient.

The final row has another batch of tissues, mints & the travel light medical kit.


Here you see some of my items which are in ziploc bags. My toiletries are there, a Hawaiian dress – the purple and black print – an outfit change for the first day in the bag with the green and gold top and the brown shorts, that also contains a full underwear change in case I get too sweaty and yucky on the plane, headphones in a small purse, my Pashmina with the tablet again.

What do you carry on?