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So, after a short 4 hour sleep because I was reading one of those can’t put down books, a 3 hour hair appointment, a 6 hour work shift.. one comes home and finds ones self a little bit.. bored and not tired enough for bed just yet.

After all, I have been scheduling posts like a mad person behind the scenes for the past week or so, everything that can be packed at this stage is packed.. so what does one do?

Why not tackle a task which has been on my todo list for quite some time – a page of Facebook links for the blog. And here it is – Oahu Facebook Pages.

One of the few things I love about Facebook is the news feed. I love being able to keep up with the doings of friends and family but I also love to be able to keep up with things I am interested in. Oahu is on that list of things, obviously. So when I find an Oahu related page and I read back and I like what I see, I will like the page so that any further content will come to me as a surprise in my newsfeed.

Some of the pages I have been enjoying a lot lately –

Kapono Photoworks – Wonderful pics – especially the wedding on the pirate ship!

Monkeypod Kitchen By Merriman Oahu – Always making me hungry

IL Gelato Hawaii – Always making me crave gelato

The Art of Hilton Alves – I love the art to be found here, and currently Hilton is painting a huge wave mural at Waiakamilo / 1320 Kalani Street, Honolulu – it is incredible to watch it progress day by day.

O’ahu Photography Tours – gorgeous Oahu photos in my newsfeed as a regular surprise? Yes thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This page will be a long term work in progress – there are so many pages out there to be found, and I will continue seeking them out.

Do you have any favourite Oahu Facebook pages to share?

Leave them in the comments – thanks!

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