The Final Countdown

7 days left as of today.

Updates –

– I activated my new debit card and credit card which was a lot easier than expected.

– Last minute preparations are going to be made slightly more difficult by the fact of working 6 days in a row for the 3rd week running.

– The extra money from working 6 days in a row for 3 weeks in a row will be very welcome on the trip, though!

– Hoa’aloha and I (Ok, mostly I!) have been busy scheduling posts so you will have plenty to enjoy while we are away and we can forget about blogging while on the trip and just take plenty of photos and write down our thoughts to share with you when we arrive home

There is a Tripadvisor meetup scheduled for November 9th – if you are on Oahu you will be very welcome to join us, see this thread for updates. –