You were in Hawaii for How Long?


That’s a question I get quite often when I say that the only time I’ve been to Hawaii was for 16 hours.

Earlier, I had mentioned that I was coming to the end of what would ultimately be a 46-hour day. Of course, it had to start somewhere west of the International Date Line, and it did. I started the day in Australia, then we all drove up to Sydney, hung out in the Qantas First Class Lounge at the airport (which was amazing, yet I don’t have any photos for some reason, and then hopped on Jetstar for an overnight flight to Honolulu.

Of course, going that way, you wind up gaining a day back, and because of the (relatively) close distance between Hawaii and Australia, you wind up gaining something on the order of 12 hours…almost quite literally – we left Sydney around 6pm, and arrived on Oahu at 6:45 AM (the photo above was taken, according to my computer, at 6:51 AM…or 3:51 AM the next morning Sydney Time)

Ultimately, the whole point of the exercise (other than experiencing business class on Jetstar, for which I paid a premium), was to transit myself back home, and to start Beedoo’s most recent trip over to Hawaii, which, ultimately was quite an adventure, and not really in a good way.

However, the whole point of going to Hawaii was to cap off what was an amazing vacation, which I have never documented…which I probably should do at some point in time…