Top 10 – Most Popular Posts @ Beedoo Travel Blog

10. Travel Light Medical Kit
9. Vacation Rental Scams – Protect Yourself!
8. Hi from Hoa’aloha
7. Ziploc Bags Are Awesome
6. Rash Vest – For Legs?
5. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
4. Doctors & Chemists
3. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
2. Waikiki Beach Hotels

And.. drumroll.. somewhat hilariously on the Beedoo Oahu Travel Blog.. the number one post is.. not related to Oahu at all!

1. Star City Breakfast Buffet

That post was featured on Urbanspoon and it is no surprise that it is very popular because a lot of people check Urbanspoon before they go somewhere to eat.


One thought on “Top 10 – Most Popular Posts @ Beedoo Travel Blog

  1. Lots to read there – Hawaii is one of our favourite places to visit. Handy for breaking the journey up on the way home from further north ( Canada or mainland USA)

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