US Government Shutdown

Presently the US Government is shutdown. What the?

It is a long story, I will put some links to press articles with more info for you at the bottom of this post if you want to know the whys and wherefores.. I actually hope by the time this post is scheduled to be posted the shutdown will be over, though it looks unlikely to end anytime soon.

Probably what you most want to know is.. how will this change my trip to Hawaii?

The biggest problem for us tourists is that all national parks are currently shut down. This includes Pearl Harbor on Oahu, which you have likely planned a visit to. You currently cannot visit the USS Arizona Memorial, the Pearl Harbor Visitors Centre or the USS Bowfin & Submarine Museum.


The USS Bowfin is a privately run non profit which just happens to be located within a national park. From the USS Bowfin website –

Bowfin Park is a privately operated non-profit institution that relies on admission fees and gift shop sales to maintain the historic World War II submarine USS Bowfin and the adjacent Pacific Submarine Museum.

And let me tell you the USS Bowfin people run one heck of a great gift shop. If the government shutdown is over when you visit, DO NOT MISS the USS Bowfin gift shop. It is over by the USS Bowfin, separate from the other gift shop you see at the entrance to Pearl Harbor in the visitors centre. You can purchase some of the items online but the store itself contains a lot of wonderful memorabilia and in particular the last time I visited they had a great range of baseball caps.

What Can You Visit At Pearl Harbor During Shutdown?

The USS Missouri is still open and accessible. From their website –

In lieu of the government shutdown the Battleship Missouri Memorial and Pacific Aviation Museum will remain open. Limited parking is available with shuttle service running as normal. 

Special USS Arizona Memorial Tour Experience @ USS Missouri 

While the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument is closed, the tour guides of the Battleship Missouri Memorial will offer visitors a unique complimentary pierside interpretation of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and sinking of the USS Arizona.

The Missouri’s 1,000-foot pier extends to just a few hundred feet away from the USS Arizona Memorial and presents a memorable view of the historic monument.

The Pacific Aviation Museum is also open and accessible. If you choose to visit, make sure to say hello to the F-111C that the Royal Australian Air Force recently gifted to the Pacific Aviation Museum – you can read more about that here.

News Articles About Shutdown

My all time favourite has got to be this one – if you click on only one of these links, make it this one –

The Government Shutdown, Told in Lego

US Goverment Shutdown Explained – via our ABC

And a further snag – The US debt ceiling crisis explained – if the shutdown does not end by October 17th, the US will default on its debt.


This situation seems to have finally been resolved, and on the same day this post was posted. Good news for all!