MapFrappe – Oahu VS Adelaide

Sometimes I find little gems when I google trying to find an answer for someone on Tripadvisor. In this case, pj1 asked this question on the Tripadvisor forums. It was immediately apparent to me that they though Oahu was a lot bigger than it actually is. And I guess, most people do think that. In fact even when you are there the place seems enormous, but it

Anyway I googled for Oahu to UK size comparison and found this wonderful little gadget called MAPfrappe by Kelvin Thompson who must be a genius to create this awesome thing. You can draw an outline around a place on a map, and then compare that outline to other places on a map. Infreakingcredible, this thing is.

So we are going to be doing some comparison screenshots of various places VS Oahu – here is Oahu VS Adelaide.


A larger closeup of Oahu outline over Adelaide


Why Adelaide first? Well, I grew up there from 1975-2006. I actually know it better than the area I have lived in since 2006. I miss the place, I still have family there, I get to visit from time to time but realistically when I travel now I want to head to Hawaii, so I have not been back to Adelaide since June 2012.

Adelaide-ians, if you are reading this post, leave a comment! 😉 And please do not mention the last time you had Barnacle Bills because that is my favourite and there is nothing like it in NSW that I have found. Plus I miss Vilis although we have a source locally for pasties, I loved the 24 hour cafe at the factory, and I miss their sprinkled donuts so.much.

You will probably find my outline will be slightly different to bigaln2 when he writes some of these posts, because obviously he is on the other side of the world to me and is not using my computer! 🙂 The other posts might just have the comparison image and not much text, and we will schedule them to appear at regular intervals while we are preparing for this awesome trip.

UPDATE – You will find the outline is exactly the same, because you too can have it by clicking here. 🙂