So. You want all the “fun” of packing without the actual reward of a trip?

Then pre-packing is for you! 🙂

We purchased the very small Ricardo Superlight Carry On Spinner. Here is a similar suitcase on – Here is a post re that suitcase from a new blog I just discovered – Costco Couple. Ours is slightly lighter at 6.4 pounds or 2.9kg.

This is probably the smallest suitcase we have ever travelled with. So we wanted to make sure we would be able to fit in everything we needed to. In particular running shoes needed to fit in because we want to wear boots on the plane – we are going to the Mauna Kea summit on the Big Island, where it has just begun to snow – as seen in this post on A Darker View.

Boots are not usually something I would take to Hawaii but in this instance I feel justified. In every day life, I am a huge boots person, even in summer when it is 39 degrees I will sometimes wear them because I have many outfits which go with my boots. Mine are super comfortable, leather, worn in and I can walk many miles in them, and I am happy to wear them on the plane because they do not smell, yay!

So here is a fascinating fact about myself and my partner. We have the same size feet. I am a 10-11 womens and he is an 8-9 mens. I can wear his shoes, he could wear mine but given what I choose it is unlikely, lol. Currently I have a pair of hot pink Skechers, he has a pair of blue and black ones. They fit pretty neatly into the suitcase.

Can you believe I have been wearing these sneakers pretty much every day for over a year now and they still look like I just took them out of the box? I do not wear them for workouts – I have a specific pair of Adidas which I got for $29.99 last trip for that – but I do wear them to work and out running errands.


Shoes go in first. Then we needed to work out a list of what we needed to take. It will be 3 nights (4 days) before we can get to a shopping centre. I’ll put the list up as a separate post when I get a chance. However here is what we ended up with.


I’ll be taking all the clothes out and giving them a final wash and they will be packed into ziploc bags before we go. The shoes are currently needed, so they were taken out after we finished. The day before we leave, they will be cleaned, pretty much sanitised, wiped over with anti bacterial wipes and a few drops of essential oils (peppermint & sweet orange) dropped inside.

We still have some space in there even with all the stuff we are taking and while this bag probably looks big in the photos it is *tiny* in real life. I am flat out shocked we managed to fit all our stuff in there. Plus, when we weighed it, it was a mere 10.7kg – that is including the 2.9kg that the bag weighs!

So, if you want to spend a couple of hours having fun “discussions” with your other half about the virtues of one pair of shorts VS a different pair of shorts, and why one needs so many pairs of underwear, and other fun topics weeks ahead of your trip so that you can avoid having these discussions the day before you leave, might I suggest you have a crack at pre-packing. 🙂

Don’t worry, you will still have the fun of packing your carry on the night before. Though you could mostly pre-pack that too – with the exception of your electronics and money wallet. I’ll have a try at pre-packing the carryon this week.