Financials Updated

I have just updated the Financials page with some actual figures from some of the things I have now paid for and booked. FYI. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will like now to mention a small financial setback which has occurred – one of our cats became quite ill. She has spent over a week at the vets on IV fluids and having tests done.


A very grumpy face on arrival home from 7 straight days at the vets

Of course, as it is me, my cat cannot have something normal wrong with her – she got something which is really rare for cats, pancreatitis. This is good news because it was fixable, and it was not caused by cancer which is also great news.

It was bad news money wise – over 2 thousand in vet fees. Of course I paid it without a quibble, she is my much loved pet. And I managed to do it without touching my savings, which currently is sitting at $7099. It did mean I could not add anything to the savings for a couple of weeks, so I am a little behind. I plan to try and catch it up – and to that end, I have grabbed an extra shift each week at work – one last week, one next week.

However I was already working 5 shifts a week the past few weeks, so adding in that extra shift means I am working 6 shifts each week. They are only 6 hours long but they are very tiring. It also means I have a bit less time to research and blog, sorry all!

I’m going to need a holiday to get over preparing for the holiday and then taking the holiday. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway I do have the prepacking post coming up which I finally finished, and then I want to do a post for you on no international fee credit cards. After that it might get a bit quiet around here while we take our trip. I will try to make sure at least one photo gets posted each day leading up to and during the trip, if I can.