Riding TheBus On Oahu

English: A TheBus New Flyer DE40LFR bus crossi...

English: A TheBus New Flyer DE40LFR bus crossing Nimitz Highway on Bishop Street in downtown Honolulu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While searching for bus info, I stumbled across this excellent Wiki-How post on how to ride TheBus on Oahu –

How to Ride TheBus in Oahu, Hawaii

TheBus is an excellent way of getting about. Here is a link directly to TheBus website.


There is a 4 day pass which can be purchased for $25US for unlimited bus rides. If you choose to buy this, it makes sense to build your itinerary for those 4 days around things you wish to access via TheBus.

Alternatively, you can pay per trip. Fares can be found here. For most riders, you will pay $2.50 for a one-way trip and you are also entitled to one 2 hour transfer per fare which you can use on other buses for the next 2 hours.

Obun Hawaii produces an excellent brochure for TheBus which can be purchased at ABC stores for $5 or so (the Japanese version is more expensive) which advises on how to get to all the locations a tourist might want to go to. If you cannot see it, ask the person behind the counter.

One other resource that you can use is the Google Maps, however, there have been reports that the results can be a bit less than accurate.

There is also this visitor quick reference guide available online from TheBus.

However TheBus does have some downsides – 

– You cannot take luggage on TheBus so it is not suitable for airport rides unless you have carry on only

– Cell phones must be on silent or vibrate mode

– You may not consume food or drinks while on board

– TheBus stops a lot, and what seems like a short trip on a map can take much longer than expected, eating up valuable vacation time

– The rules are pretty strict and you can face a $500 fine for breaking them!

– Some buses to popular locations can get very full – EG the bus that goes to the KCC Farmers Market on a Saturday morning will be standing room only and there will come a point where they will stop picking up and you will have to wait for the next bus to come along.. For these buses if you need to sit for health reasons it would be best to try and get on them before they pass through the heart of Waikiki which is where they will fill up with people. The Ilikai stop is probably your best chance of getting a seat if you require one.

In order to get about –

You have to choose the option that is going to work best for you on your holiday. For many of us Aussies we do not want to hire a car because we will be driving on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road. There are many options to get about including TheBus, shuttle buses like VIPtrans, tours, taxis, flat rate transport operators who will give you a fixed price before you go (eg Hawaii23, Johnnycab, ABC Limo Service)

If in doubt Ask –

– If you want to know before you go, you can ask on the Tripadvisor forums and you will usually get a reply

– You can try emailing your hotel for specific answers before you leave, your success with this option may depend on how busy they are

– Your hotel concierge once you arrive will always be able to assist you with transport queries

– Tourist maps are available for free in most locations, many of the free magazines you can find at the airport, in your hotel lobby, on the streets of Waikiki will have maps available