Ziploc Bags Are Awesome

Here is something you did not know about me, until now.


A lot of my underwear is sparkly. Plus, it is in pretty amazing condition seeing as these have been my wears since 2011 now. This is by no means the full extent of my underwear – what you are seeing is 7 pairs, plus one bra that snuck into my underwear drawer as an accident – I was trying to get a good range of colours.

The ones I wear the most of these you see here are the ones that look like a watercolor painting with grey lace edging – that is by Maidenform which is one brand you should become familiar with if you plan to visit the US – we do not have it here in Australia as far as I know.

The sparkly ones are Vanity Fair Illumination. Both of these brands are available at Macys and often found on the clearance rack.

All of the underwear you see here cost me less than $5 per pair US, in most cases it was on the clearance rack for $2-3.

So why am I showing you my underwear? It is to show you that you can use a Ziploc bag to pack it into a smaller space. You can squeeze a lot of air out of the ziploc bag – you can even use a vacuum to suck more air out of it, if you wanted to.


This is a standard quart sized Ziploc bag. This is the one you use to carry on your liquids. To help you work out what size you need if you can only get a glad bag, here are the measurements of the Ziploc in centimetres.


So, you roll your underwears up all pretty like, and place them inside the ziploc. Then you seal most of the top, and squeeze out as much of the air as you can.


Sitting on the bag seems to do the most good if you do not have a vacuum handy. I do not tend to vacuum pack because I never know if I will have access to one on the other end.


Why would you want to do this?

Here are a couple of quick and good reasons –

1. So that you have more space in your carryon.

2. So you can easily find your underwear.

3. So when you unpack your bag, you can keep the underwear in the ziploc in your drawer – keeps them neat and tidy.

4. If you label the clean ziploc clean, take a spare ziploc and label it worn, you can put your worn underwear together in there – for ease of taking to the laundromat, or for packing to take home and knowing which ones are dirty and need washing.

5. You can take this concept and run with it, through all your packing. You might want to get some larger ziplocs if you are going to do this – I have the extra big “gallon” sized ones for this purpose.

Speaking of neat and tidy, what if you have to rummage through your carryon at security? What if they ask you to take everything out of your bag because you have something that they want to take a closer look at? Have you ever seen those people with their underwear all over the counter? Pack it this way, that won’t be you. People won’t even know what is in that ziploc unless they get up close and personal with it.

More awesome uses for ziploc bags will be coming to you as a surprise over the next few weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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