USS Missouri


If you will like to know more about the USS Missouri, click here for the official website. Click here for the Wikipedia page. Click here for the USS Missouri on Facebook

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Oil On The Water @ USS Arizona Memorial


Black Tears or Tears from USS Arizona – oil on the surface of the water.

USS Arizona contains an estimated 500,000 gallons (2,300 tons) of Bunker C fuel oil, which has been slowly escaping since its loss. Over 70 years later, it continues to leak from the ship.

My googling turned up a pretty fascinating website – USS Arizona preservation project. It has not been updated in some time but still contains a lot of interesting information and photographs.

That site contains some fascinating and very respectful underwater photos of the USS Arizona from monitoring dives that were conducted. The site is an underwater grave for 1177 men, and over 30 have since had their ashes entombed or had their ashes scattered at the site.

Pearl Harbor survivors — those men who were formally assigned to the ship on December 7, 1941 — may have their ashes entombed within the ship, while other USS Arizona veterans may have their ashes scattered on the water directly over the vessel.

The site also contains a moving story from one of the divers who dove there which you should read before you visit – click here to read USS Arizona Revisited.

Interestingly the forward turrets were thought to have been removed, it was not until the preservation program began that they discovered they were still on the ship.

You can read more about the USS Arizona on the Wikipedia page by clicking here.