Great Travel Tips

CatTravels wrote this fantastic post – My Travel Advice – and I felt it needed to be shared here. Go read it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to get me some of that Bandaid blister stuff and try it out before I go. Not sure where I will find it in Australia, though. I have never seen it here, but I guess I haven’t exactly been looking because I never heard of it before – what a fantastic invention.

Today I am thinking about two things – organising my books on my new tablet, and putting together a playlist for the plane.

Last trip, I did not make my playlist until I got on the plane, and I was putting together a playlist of soothing, slow type songs to try and get some sleep. After the food was served and everyone settled in, I put in my earphones and hit play. I drowsed a little, maybe napped a couple of times, but it seemed to me that one song just kept playing over and over, even if I would hit skip, the next song would be that same song. I thought something was wrong with my iPod, or maybe I was actually asleep and just dreaming that the same song kept playing.

On the one hand it was ok because it was a song I liked a lot. On the other hand, I cannot hear this song now without being instantly transported back to that flight which seemed like it was never going to end.

Later, I discovered I had actually added at least 8 different versions of this one same song – Amsterdam, by Coldplay – onto the playlist. This is what happens when you make it at the last minute. I must have heard that song 20 times in the 10 hour flight.

This time, I will be making certain that one Iz classic finds its way to the playlist for the plane. This piece of music I first heard on ER, when one of my favourite television characters of all time died. It is beautiful, and speaks so much about Hawaii to me.