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Pomai from The Tasty Island asked some months ago on the Costco Awesomeness post –

My question to you Aussies is, does your Costco carry Vegemite in bulk size (like in a bucket)? Never tried Vegemite before, yet more than eager!

On my most recent trip to Costco Auburn, having forgotten to take this photograph on a couple of previous trips, I was finally able to get the answer. Yes. Yes, they do. ๐Ÿ™‚


Vegemite is an acquired taste. I personally am not a fan. Bizarre as it seems when I generally love all things salty. To be quite honest until I went to write this post I had no idea what is actually in Vegemite. The other half is a fan, so I have a jar right here. The ingredients are – Yeast Extract from yeast grown on Barley, salt, mineral salt, malt extract from barley, colour, flavours, Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folate.

What a bizarre food. Seriously.

I would love to bring one of these buckets across to Hawaii for you, Pomai as I am a huge fan of your blog and have been for some years now, however I am thinking if you want to try it probably best to get a small jar to begin with. I do not know anyone who could eat the amount of Vegemite found in that bucket!

I will of course bring Tim Tams which are my favourite Aussie food, in a couple of different flavours. Dark chocolate is my current flavour addiction. Fingers crossed we can organise a meet up of some kind.

While on the subject of Costco, you might be interested in this post from Pomai – Costco Food Court – Eat This, Not That.


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  1. I have to add, when I mentioned this post to the other half, and spoke about Vegemite, he informed me that he knew what the ingredients are, and the ingredients are *vegetables* because it is called *vegemite* – rofl! I might have to peel the label off the jar, because he is sure to look now. I don’t know that he would eat it if he really knew what it was!

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