Murals Around Honolulu – Fisher Hawaii

As you travel around Honolulu, be on the lookout for a variety of murals and other street art on different buildings. Over the next few days, you’ll see some images of different murals that are visible in Honolulu, donated by a member of the TA forums – Sweetiedarling1 from Canberra.

These first two feature the Fisher Hawaii building at the corner of Cooke & Pohukaina Streets.

Hawaii Oahu May 2013 110 The centrepiece of the art is at the main corner, where we see what could almost be a mirror image of the intersection, but with the addition of new buildings and a more modern streetscape.

As you go further south on Cook St, you see images of different people of all ages being active and enjoying the time outside:Hawaii Oahu May 2013 111