Here I sit, literally stunned into silence by the massive range of socks available in the USA.

Have a look at the huge range of socks on this website – Sierra Trading Post. They have nearly 500 different pairs of womens socks you can choose from starting at AUD$1.53.

They have all kinds of socks, in all kinds of materials.

I will like now to tell you a story about socks. Back in 1998, I was travelling from Adelaide to Tamworth for Christmas. I found these socks at Beach Culture in Sydney Airport while waiting for my next flight. They looked incredibly comfortable. They were 100% cotton but the thickest plushest cotton I had ever seen. They were $9.99 for 2 pairs. So I bought 2 pairs.

On the way home, having had the chance to wear these socks while on holiday, I bought every single pair I could find in that shop. Sadly they did not have anywhere near as many as I would have liked to buy. I think I might have ended up with about 8 pairs total.

Every single time I transited Sydney Airport from then on, I was on a mission to find more of these socks. On occasion I was lucky and picked up a couple more pairs but in general it was an epic fail. By 2001, they had stopped making these socks and they were no longer anywhere to be found. Never in my lifetime again have I ever seen socks so thick and plush. And believe me, I have been looking everywhere.

These socks were always my first choice when getting dressed for the day – for a few years there, they were the only socks I wore at all. They have been worn in all kinds of situations, with all kinds of shoes.

As the years went by, some of these socks fell victim to a hole in the toe, or even a sock kidnapping, where two went into the dryer and only one returned. A moment of silence for a fallen comrade, an anguished sad crying, the occasional sock funeral was held.

Some of the one left socks were partnered up with other one left socks to make a new pair.

Last night I wore one of those pairs of socks to bed. In 2013. I still have 7 pairs. They are nearly 15 years old so I guess in sock years, they are like 300 years old.

I will now post a photo of these socks. They have gone from bright white to a weird shade that cannot quite be described. They are a shadow of their former selves but are still plusher than most socks you will find in Australia.


Please do not pass judgment on these socks. They are the Superman of socks. I will forever remember them and their awesomeness when looking through the sock basket to pick out a pair to wear. They continue to be a part of my sock family as night time socks because the elastic is not quite up to the task of daytime wear.

I am hopeful to find some new sock supermen – and superwomen – when next in Hawaii. I have purchased socks there before, however am still looking hopefully that I might find some as plush and awesome as the Beach Culture socks.