Shopping Mania

My shopping pile 9 days into our last trip – bearing in mind there was a major medical emergency with my Dad, so the shopping time was somewhat reduced.

That suitcase under all those shopping bags is full. There are bags behind the chair you cannot see. Also, at the time I took this photo, there were a lot of dirty clothes on their way to the laundry. I had 10kg of washing done when we moved rooms on the 10th day of the trip.


All the colorful stuff on the seat of the chair is underwear. I went a little crazy and why wouldn’t I, when instead of paying $15 for one pair of bottoms and about that or more for bras, I could pay $2 for bottoms and $4 for bras!

In Australia I do not like to try new underwear. There is nothing worse than paying $15+ for something and then discovering that you hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. I usually buy the same kind I always have and woe betide me if that kind is discontinued! Egads the nightmare!

In Hawaii, I experimented. I bought underwear I would *never* have tried in Australia because the majority of it was just $2 a pair. So on my first trip I bought one of each different kind and then I went back to the hotel room and tried it all on, decided what I most liked, and stocked up on those. But I actually liked all of the kinds I tried – this is unusual for me.

This was the one space I had to put stuff in our room. Because I was sharing with a friend we had 2 double beds and this means you get one chair with a footrest (as seen here) one desk and a chair (which was holding all my friends shopping) one luggage stand (which was holding my friends suitcase – that she dearly regretted taking once she discovered the awesome shopping) and a cupboard where you can hang stuff up.

We did not do much sitting in here as my Mum had a king bed room and that had a small lounge in there – 2 people could sit on it – which meant one of us was always on the bed. Often we would end up in the lobby in the lounges there, or at Starbucks where they had comfy chairs.

We made do, but I am seriously looking forward to more space on the next trip.

Over the next few weeks I plan to talk a bit more about shopping – stay tuned!


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  1. Loving your posts with a passion…..going back in October after a 20 year break…keep them coming…
    Just hope the dollar doesn’t drop too much more….

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