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Due to a medical emergency on our last trip, we spent a considerable amount of time at the Straub Hospital. You can read all about that in my 2011 trip report – and important note, do not travel to the USA without excellent travel insurance! QBE is who looked after us, including sending a paramedic escort for the trip home.

What I wanted to mention today was – where do you go if you need to see a doctor while on holiday @ Waikiki? These are the options I am familiar with from personal experience.

Straub provide two Doctors On Call clinics – one at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, one at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani. Click on the link above for opening times, locations and contact details. There are fees involved – these shouldย be covered by your travel insurance, though if you have a excess you may find it is cheaper to pay the fee.

One of the doctors at the HHV on call clinic saved my Dad’s life. If she had not sent him for a catscan which was followed by emergency surgery, within hours he would have been returning home in the cargo hold instead of in the cabin with us. One of the surgeons at Straub went on to perform life saving surgery. The staff at both the clinic and the hospital were absolutely amazing to us.

What if you need medication? There are plenty of chemists throughout Waikiki but I have to send two special shout outs –

Longs Drugs at Ala Moana – we were at this place so often buying supplies on our last trip it began to feel like a second home. Incredibly handy if you are already at Ala Moana buying other things – as we Aussies so often are. ๐Ÿ™‚ They have an excellent range to browse.

Walgreens behind Ala Moana opposite Walmart – open 24/7 for everything you could possibly need from bandages to cold and flu drugs with pseudoephedrine (read my post about the difficulties I had finding that here) to snacks and prescriptions.

When you pack – make sure to include plenty of your own medication. Do not just take enough for the length of time you will be there. I did that last time for our 10 day trip where we ended up staying 21 days and had to organise extra medication which cost a bundle – this was also covered with our travel insurance thankfully, and they even contacted my doctor at home and organised the scripts to be sent to the pharmacy, but it was a hassle I could have avoided entirely by bringing more medication with me.

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  1. Yes, hubby and I go to Straub Clinic & Hospital when we need medical assistance. We have been patients since 1997 when we switched from Kaiser Permanente. However, our medical insurance allows us to seek doctors outside the Straub network, also, if we so choose.

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