Hi from Hoa’aloha

Two things to make clear first –

1. I am not beedoo’s other half 😉
2. I am not an Australian (in heritage, but at heart? That’s a different question altogether!)

You’ll see me mentioned around here as Hoa’aloha, which is one of the many words for “friend” in the Hawaiian language. In the Trip Advisor forums, when I do post (which is quite rare in itself), I am known as bigaln2.

As my “Hawaiian” name may indicate, I am a friend of beedoo and her partner. In fact, she has referred to me in her posts as her American friend.

I have been in Hawaii for less than one day. In fact, I arrived at 6:45 AM, and departed at around 10:30 PM or so headed back to home from an awesome trip to Australia. The sights I saw in Honolulu included:

  • The post office next to the airport
  • Riding a city bus along the Nimitz Highway and through downtown
  • A car with an Alaskan license plate
  • Ala Moana Center
  • Ala Moana state beach, which is pictured below:


For me, this trip is to experience a place I’ve never been to for a longer time than a single day.  I already have my time off from work approved, and the plane tickets bought (thanks Expedia! :))

I also have the car rental sorted out, and I’m paying literally half the amount the rental agency is charging thanks to Discount Hawaii Car Rental – a site that I found out about on the forums.

Kthxbai from me for now! 🙂